Ultrasound made easier.

Wireless scanner, TGA approved.

Our Mission Is to Provide an Effective Approach to Point-of-care Ultrasound Imaging

Sonictec wireless ultrasound is much quicker to set-up and easy to use, which saved time for scanning and saved life in some life threatening cases. The ultrasound probe is compatible with most iOS/Android/Windows systems. You just need to download the WirelessUSG application on your devices, then you are all set for ultrasound imaging,  anywhere, anytime.


Mobile Applications

The device is compatible to smart devices(e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptop) but it still provides most of diagnostic capabilities compared to general ultrasound machines.


Pocket-size Ultrasound

The device is sized to fit in doctor’s pocket and weighted up to 280g. It’s easy to carry the device around with you for scanning.


Wireless Charging

Each device comes with a wireless charger. No hassle for cables and It’s always charged properly. The Battery can last for 3 hours continuously scanning  when fully charged.



Sonictec wireless ultrasound devices have received approval from European Commission CE, United States FDA , and Australia TGA.


Warranty and Support

We provide 2 years full warranty on our equipment and free after-sale technical supports within the period of warranty. Warranty can be extendable as an option.


Waterproof Design

We don’t want you to worry about safety of using our devices. The external parts are waterproof and easy to be sterilized. Disposable cover can be used along with the devices.

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Sonictec is an Australian company specialised in wireless hand-held ultrasound diagnostic devices. We are dedicated to research, design and development of pocket-size portable ultrasound devices. Our products have been supplied to over 30 countries in the world to provide a better solution for point-of-care ultrasound and to support doctors make better treatment decisions.

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